Free yourself from photo studio constraints

Photo studios are expensive, time consuming and full of restrictions. Virtualization opens you to cheap, easy, self-serve, limitless merchandising.



Endless virtual stage sets: your imagination is the limit

High fidelity 3D modeling

We model yours products with perfect shaping and high res textures. You won't believe your eyes that this is 3D.

Stage sets tuned to your brand

Our Art Directors guide you to design beautiful stage sets, always up to your new desires.

Gold as cheap as kraft paper

Installation times, material costs, even gravity, all this physical world hurdles are meaningless in virtual decoration.


Self-serve and unlimited merchandising contents


Choose a point à view, a light set, zoom in and out, shadows, optional wall and floor. Voilà! Your packshots are ready in secs.


Pick among your stage sets, place your products, set atmosphere and light set. No technical skills needed. High fidelity inspirational scene guarantee!


On plain background or in a decor, with or without drop shadows, generate all kind of 360 views of your products.


You unchained the power of product virtualization.

Let your customers make the most of it.

Display Infinite™ offers the most ludic and advanced user experience when it comes to interact with your products through beautiful and playable inspirational visuals.



Place your products in stage sets of various styles and let your customers discover the ones they prefer.

Product Swapping

Your customers can pick any product of the inspirational scene and replace it with another and thus making the scene to their taste.

Color & Material

Virtualization gives you the opportunity to show each and every variation of yours products. Your customers will see the exact color, material and size they want in the scene.


The more personalized, the better. Let your customers pick the flooring of their taste…

Wall Coating

… and let them do the same with walls.


Let you customers save and share their custom inspirational scenes they like the most.


Display Infinite™ is one of many customizable, interactive, easy to install displayers, covering a variety of use cases


Offer a fun and interactive way to play with your product packshots.

Product Focus

Show the same product in a variety of stage set styles so your customers can find the closest to their taste.

360 Spinner

Yours customers want to revolve around your product, let them do so, in high res and with no loading delay.


Yours products come in different colors, materials, sizes? Let your customers test all variations in the same stage set style.

Cross Selling

You want to show your customers other products of yours they may like too? This display reinvents cross-selling strip.

Up Selling

Using the same scene your customers picked, show them other products that may match perfectly with the one they have just add to cart.


Apply, variate, multiply…

4K for Print

You need your product visuals to be printed. Order them in 4K res and download them in no time.

Point of Sales

Why keeping your fabulous inspirational scenes to your website? Let your store customers make the best of it too!

Social Networks

All social network variety of formats are available and ready to be pushed to your followers.