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Visual creation becomes easy with nfinite.

Near-instant visual creation. Truly nfinite possibilities.

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Leverage the limitless capacity of 3D photo technology.

Our scene master platform makes it possible for e-commerce and marketing teams to design unlimited product photography using 3D models of your products, which we create for you. Then, place them where you wish—in existing backgrounds (which can be custom-updated) or brand-new ones.

Break boundaries in visual merchandising with your own virtual 3D rendering studio.

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Streamline your visual content creation workflows.

High-quality product photography for way less time (and money … but who’s counting?).

Cut costs, eliminate duplication, and reduce retouch time with your own virtual photography studio. This is visual merchandising at its chef’s-kiss finest.

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Unleash your team’s creativity.

Our friendly visual creation platform overcomes the obstacles of traditional product photography and promotes team creativity (while mindfully restricting things you’d rather leave untouched). Create, customize, and share product visuals in collaboration, without fear.

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Increase your visual content creation capacity.

Improved efficiency and richer creative opportunities come from increasing visual content production capacity. With nfinite, make and manage unlimited assets to take product photography to the next level.

Come on, you know you want to.

The Experts Behind Every Project

At nfinite, a whole team of pros will ensure your 3D visual projects come to life exactly as you imagine (maybe better). You’ll also get a complete project follow-up.

Accound manager

Marine Lacombe

Account Manager

Technical support

Pierre Augeard

Chief Technical Officer

Production manager

Catherina Marchal

Production Manager

Quality manager

Camille Pommier

Quality Manager

Artistic director

Laura Berny

Artistic Director

Customer Success Manager

Hélène Tricaud

Customer Success Manager


Predictable spending, predictable quality and unbeatable turnaround time.”

Cynthia, Executive Large Retailer