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For a better visual experience, use 3D visualization.

Your digitized visual assets can be scaled to any audience or situation, ensuring a personalized customer experience.

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Forget static photography. Here’s to an engaging visual experience.

Static photography is so ‘90s. With 3D visualization, retailers can update, refresh, and adapt product photos for infinitely personalized and dynamic customer experiences.

3D Shooting

Bring life to static product photography.

Our visual platform upscales product photos without the limitations of classic photography. Create dynamic, photorealistic visuals in a few clicks. You don’t even need a camera.

Sound impossible? See for yourself.
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Provide engaging and personalized customer experiences.

Customize and modify photos to improve A/B testing. Why go one-size-fits-all? People aren’t that way, and product images shouldn’t be either. Easily adapt color, style, and products in visuals to trigger purchases.

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Control the environment … like a thunder god!

Never again lose a shooting day because of poor weather or lousy lighting. With 3D visualization, you’ve got full environmental control. Design the photos you want anytime.

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The Experts Behind Every Project

At nfinite, a whole team of pros will ensure your 3D visual projects come to life in exactly the way you imagine (maybe better). You’ll also get a complete project follow-up.

Account manager

Marine Lacombe

Account manager

Technical support

Pierre Augeard

Technical Support

Production manager

Catherina Marchal

Production Manager

Quality manager

Camille Pommier

Quality Manager

Artistic director

Laura Berny

Artistic Director

Customer Success Manager

Hélène Tricaud

Customer Success Manager


nfinite is customizable shutterstock for retail.”

Florian Carrere, CEO Delamaison