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Simplify your visual asset management.

Digitize, store, update, and control your product visual assets in one place.

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Manage product photos digitally and efficiently.

Don’t let storage concerns and visual inconsistencies hold you back. nfinite puts power back in your hands, enabling greater control and management of your company’s visual assets.

visual management platform

House all visual assets in a single location.

Easily house and manage all assets in one convenient place for seamless access, content and data sharing, and company-wide collaboration.

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Improve your visual strategy performance.

Our unique technology will transform your visual merchandising strategy. Boost sales and customer engagement by exceeding user expectations.

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Build a visual legacy.

3D transforms product visuals into a digital heritage, minus the added cost and risk to your business. Your investments become reusable visual assets that ensure brand image consistency.

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The Experts Behind Every Project

At nfinite, a whole team of pros will ensure your 3D visual projects come to life in exactly the way you imagine (maybe better). You’ll also get a complete project follow-up.

Accound manager

Marine Lacombe

Account Manager

Technical support

Pierre Augeard

Technical Support

Production manager

Catherina Marchal

Production Manager

Quality manager

Camille Pommier

Quality Manager

Artistic director

Laura Berny

Artistic Director

Customer Success Manager

Hélène Tricaud

Customer Success Manager


With their inspirational visuals, our product page traffic increased by 30%.”

Antoine Levan, Ex-Marketing Director Conforama