Discover Nfinite: A quick guide to how we operate

You may have heard our name. Or seen an interview on LinkedIn with our CEO Alexandre. Or maybe you’ve been introduced to CGI but aren’t quite sure why it’s relevant for your business. We put this together to introduce you to CGI and Nfinite and answer some common questions. Dive in to discover how we enable retailers to create unlimited product images for e-commerce and marketing needs. We promise it’ll only take a few minutes.

What is CGI?

CGI stands for Computer-Generated Imagery. It’s a technique that enables artists to render 3-dimensional digital images on 2-dimensional surfaces such as online or on paper. It originated in the 1950s for use in movies, but today is used across a wide range of industries, including retail.

What is Nfinite?

Nfinite is an e-merchandising platform that uses advanced CGI to create photorealistic images. Let’s dive into how it works. We’ll clearly describe how retailers partner with Nfinite to create and customize unlimited product visuals.

How it works

Retailers start by sharing their product catalog and our team of professional modelers develops 3D models of your products. All we need are a few images of the product, measurements, and the type of materials it’s made of to create the models. Once the models are completed, they’re uploaded to the Nfinite Platform, where you can access them and use them to create 2D photorealistic packshot images of each product. You can create these packshots from any angle, distance (close-up or far away), lighting configuration, or even generate a 360-degree view of the product so your customers can see the product from all angles.  All of these images are produced based on the 3D model, which we call a “digital twin”. Within the platform, you can style, configure, and create more images to meet your needs, all in a few clicks.

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What you can do with it

This ability to configure and modify images is used for multiple purposes:

Create context-rich images

With a few simple clicks, you can add your product images into background scenes to provide shoppers with real-life context. There are thousands of prebuilt templates and props to choose from to get the perfect look, and search functionality makes it simple to find the scenes and items you’re looking for.

You can even change the color of the walls in a scene, add a rug, or swap a coffee table book for a floral arrangement on a coffee table.

Not only do these capabilities increase engagement, but they also enable you to personalize according to different audiences and measure and test different combinations.

Develop channel-specific images

Simply create assets for each channel’s unique parameters. Ideal sizing, color profile, and type of image can vary across web, store, social media, email, print, and out-of-home. And marketing campaigns necessitate different needs across platforms. The platform makes it easy to adjust and manage asks for the multitude of channels you leverage.

To create an Instagram carousel, you can simply adjust the size of the images to fit the 1080 x 1080 size and export the images.

Offer immersive experiences

Enable customers to create and customize their dream space as they mix and match products in real-time and shop directly from the experience with Dynamic Display. This white-label, consumer-facing interface is easily embeddable on your website or e-commerce store, and setup, configuration, and deployment are simple.

A customer redecorating their living room can test out different combinations until they find the rug, couch, and coffee table that create a cohesive look and suit their unique style.

Why it matters

The imagery is photorealistic. The platform capabilities make for engaging content and unprecedented personalization. But what does this translate into in terms of business metrics?

A large multi-channel home and living retailer drastically cut costs utilizing product and lifestyle images developed on the Nfinite Platform, noting that it was 7x less expensive than traditional photoshoots. They also saw significant engagement and conversion boosts with a 30% increase in traffic and a 12% increase in add-to-cart on their product pages.

And Dynamic Display takes retailers even further, leading to a 53% increase in conversion rate and 2.8X improvement in repeat customer engagement for an online furniture retailer.

CGI can seem daunting and like it requires a degree in computer graphics or extensive knowledge of complex 3D design and rendering tools to use successfully. But with Nfinite, you can harness the power of CGI and 3D modeling in an intuitive interface that anyone can learn to use in 3 minutes or less.

Your imagery options are endless. And your performance metrics have room to grow. Nfinite can make it happen.

See how this furniture retailer achieved these metrics

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Discover Nfinite: A quick guide to how we operate

June 26, 2023

Q2 2023

Dynamic Display

With Dynamic Display, shoppers easily mix and match multiple products in real-time — and shop directly from the experience. Retailers can seamlessly embed this on their websites and apps, showcasing these shoppable showrooms wherever they do business online.

Search and tag visuals

Users can now search visuals on the platform! Instead of scrolling through visuals or looking up product or template details, users can easily find visuals using keywords and filters. Filters include visual type, products, organizations, creators, status, and creation date. And now, with the ability to tag visuals, users can also search by tag. 

Advanced template search takes this a step further. When users begin creating a visual by selecting a product, in addition to seeing all compatible templates, they can now search for specific templates using a variety of filters, including categories, ratios, tags, and more.

Enhanced scene creation

Our redesigned scene editor offers a more immersive editing canvas while providing a simpler, easy-to-learn, and more intuitive UI. Users can swap products, repaint walls — and ultimately create scenes — faster than ever.

Vastly improved swap diversity

We've rebuilt how product swaps work to allow users to browse and swap any product with the accurate geometry. Gone are the limitations of a single or select group of product categories, enabling users to leverage their creativity by quickly transforming a bedroom into a home office or a garage into a home gym.

Preview Visuals Within Email Notifications

Each email notifying you about a new packshot, 360, or lifestyle will include a beautiful preview image helping you maintain context and make more informed decisions.

Control Your 360° spins

Customize your 360° spins by editing the duration, manipulating the zoom, or changing the camera angle to your exact specifications.


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