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Creating the largest 3D community for eCommerce

3D modeling is the biggest bottleneck for CGI: not standardized, not transparent, expensive, and very hard to scale. Today, 3D modeling is undertaken by freelancers who are artists with their stacks, processes, and post-effect. It’s an art. It is complicated to scale, not standardized, and expensive.

The shift to eCommerce and the need to elevate marketing through product visuals have never been so apparent. This is the beginning of a new era for 3D modeling. The future of 3D lies in the ability to process large sets of assets with predictable timing, quality, and pricing. “Do more work quickly and to high quality” is what will set us apart from the competition.

nfinite Factory - a community of 3D modelers

3D modeling requires highly skilled professionals that are very hard to find, incentivize and keep. It is an in-demand service, primarily because of the long learning curve and the application into eCommerce, entertainment, and simulation/ prototyping. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment in this field had grown by 8-14% by 2018.

That’s why we have created the nfinite Factory, a community of 3D modelers who are selected, trained, tooled, supervised, and certified by nfinite and can deliver high-quality results at affordable prices.


Our vision is to create the most prominent 3D community in e-commerce and become the standard for 3D models and 3D scenes with quality, timing, and IP transparency.  

This vision is achieved through the following pillars:

  • Selection
    nfinite has devised a series of tests where applicants can be eligible for various nfinite education programs

  • Education - nfinite University
    Education will be free for all Factory members who are to become certified partners. We will provide students with documentation, webinars, live sessions, and tests. nfinite will also give access to licenses and software.

  • Certifications:
    Our certifications are proof of guarantees: Reliability, Quality and Transparency.

  • Community:
    By creating this community, nfinite hopes to encourage members to interact with each other and contribute to the advancement of 3D modeling, where they can help hire, validate, partner/ help each other and improve the standards and know-how of the craft.

Revolutionizing the way to make visuals as a collective


Through nfinite Factory, we want to foster current and future talents to join this rapidly growing profession, allowing them access to the future of eCommerce.

We are only beginning a new era for 3D product visuals. As more businesses shift to digital platforms to grab customers' attention, nfinite wants to set the standard for how 3D visuals are produced. As a community that is continuously growing and expanding, that goal is attainable.

At the same time, we understand the expectation of our clients who need to produce high-quality visuals at competitive prices and rapid delivery time. nfinite will make sure that the pool of 3D talents is continuously replenished while maintaining the same quality standard.

Learn more how nfinite revolutionizes how product images are made.


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Creating the largest 3D community for eCommerce

June 26, 2023

Q2 2023

Dynamic Display

With Dynamic Display, shoppers easily mix and match multiple products in real-time — and shop directly from the experience. Retailers can seamlessly embed this on their websites and apps, showcasing these shoppable showrooms wherever they do business online.

Search and tag visuals

Users can now search visuals on the platform! Instead of scrolling through visuals or looking up product or template details, users can easily find visuals using keywords and filters. Filters include visual type, products, organizations, creators, status, and creation date. And now, with the ability to tag visuals, users can also search by tag. 

Advanced template search takes this a step further. When users begin creating a visual by selecting a product, in addition to seeing all compatible templates, they can now search for specific templates using a variety of filters, including categories, ratios, tags, and more.

Enhanced scene creation

Our redesigned scene editor offers a more immersive editing canvas while providing a simpler, easy-to-learn, and more intuitive UI. Users can swap products, repaint walls — and ultimately create scenes — faster than ever.

Vastly improved swap diversity

We've rebuilt how product swaps work to allow users to browse and swap any product with the accurate geometry. Gone are the limitations of a single or select group of product categories, enabling users to leverage their creativity by quickly transforming a bedroom into a home office or a garage into a home gym.

Preview Visuals Within Email Notifications

Each email notifying you about a new packshot, 360, or lifestyle will include a beautiful preview image helping you maintain context and make more informed decisions.

Control Your 360° spins

Customize your 360° spins by editing the duration, manipulating the zoom, or changing the camera angle to your exact specifications.


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