Introducing the latest features from Nfinite

My vision for Nfinite is to make every online shopping experience magical for our customers’ shoppers. I see a future where e-commerce is as immersive, fun, and inspirational as walking into a store — a world where shoppers can easily visualize products in their lives and homes and customize items to fit their exact specifications. A world where retailers can create online stores that offer the same customer service experiences as brick-and-mortar along with endless customizations that surprise and delight the shopper. 

To create magic, we start by helping retailers and brands create stunning, photorealistic product imagery using CGI. For the past several years, we’ve been listening to our customers, understanding just how important it is to offer compelling and immersive visuals for today’s consumers. In a recent report we published, we found shopper expectations around e-commerce product visuals have increased significantly. 88% of people say high-quality product imagery is important and 77% said product image capabilities increase their confidence in purchase decisions on websites they’ve never purchased from before. 

We are proud to be the industry leader in e-merchandising, creating next-generation technology and product imagery for the home furnishing, consumer packaged goods, and big-box retail industries. But we won’t stop there. Our product and R&D teams are relentless in building and improving our platform to better serve the needs of our customers.

To help retailers and brands meet these rising expectations, we are excited to unveil a new website that showcases our innovative SaaS platform and its newest capabilities that enable us to better serve brands, retailers, and ultimately shoppers. Below are some of the key new features we are excited to share:

Dynamic Display

Dynamic Display is a new immersive shopping experience we built for everyday shoppers. With Dynamic Display, shoppers easily mix and match multiple products in real-time — and shop directly from the experience. Retailers can seamlessly embed this on their websites and apps, showcasing these shoppable showrooms wherever they do business online. 


The results speak for themselves. Shoppers spend more time on pages with Dynamic Display, creating dream rooms, adding to cart, and ultimately buying the items featured in the experience. Our customers have seen a 2.5X increase in clickthrough rate, a 53% increase in conversion rate, and a 2.8X improvement in repeat customer engagement.

Additional platform capabilities


We understand how important it is for the components of retailers’ tech stacks to work together. With this in mind, we have increased investment in our APIs so we can be fully connected with retailers and seamlessly integrate with their systems.

Our latest development, an “out of stock” API, automatically removes products that are no longer available from the Dynamic Display experience. This eliminates manual work for retailers while improving the user experience for shoppers.

Search capabilities

We know how critical it is to find exactly what you are looking for — be it a specific SKU or an older collection tied to a prior season. Working alongside numerous partners, we’ve rebuilt our search engine designed for merchants, creatives, and marketers to quickly and easily navigate their product visuals right from the platform.

Automatic product images 

rands and retailers need certain visuals for nearly every product they sell if they want to ensure shoppers get a holistic understanding of the product. We now automatically provide automated 9-angle packshots so retailers can incorporate images of their items from different angles into context-rich imagery. 

We’re also leading the industry with generating product videos, providing a 360°-spin video for every product in which the retailers can control the duration, zoom, and more. This eliminates significant manual work and enables retailers to provide impactful visuals to their shoppers at every touchpoint.


Looking ahead

The future of retail holds many exciting possibilities, and we’re certain about one thing: imagery will remain key to to the digital shopping experience. We are thrilled to be on the cutting edge of what’s possible and will continue to improve our platform, with customer needs always at the forefront of everything we do. 

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Introducing the latest features from Nfinite

June 26, 2023

Q2 2023

Dynamic Display

With Dynamic Display, shoppers easily mix and match multiple products in real-time — and shop directly from the experience. Retailers can seamlessly embed this on their websites and apps, showcasing these shoppable showrooms wherever they do business online.

Search and tag visuals

Users can now search visuals on the platform! Instead of scrolling through visuals or looking up product or template details, users can easily find visuals using keywords and filters. Filters include visual type, products, organizations, creators, status, and creation date. And now, with the ability to tag visuals, users can also search by tag. 

Advanced template search takes this a step further. When users begin creating a visual by selecting a product, in addition to seeing all compatible templates, they can now search for specific templates using a variety of filters, including categories, ratios, tags, and more.

Enhanced scene creation

Our redesigned scene editor offers a more immersive editing canvas while providing a simpler, easy-to-learn, and more intuitive UI. Users can swap products, repaint walls — and ultimately create scenes — faster than ever.

Vastly improved swap diversity

We've rebuilt how product swaps work to allow users to browse and swap any product with the accurate geometry. Gone are the limitations of a single or select group of product categories, enabling users to leverage their creativity by quickly transforming a bedroom into a home office or a garage into a home gym.

Preview Visuals Within Email Notifications

Each email notifying you about a new packshot, 360, or lifestyle will include a beautiful preview image helping you maintain context and make more informed decisions.

Control Your 360° spins

Customize your 360° spins by editing the duration, manipulating the zoom, or changing the camera angle to your exact specifications.


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