Special report: Adapting product visuals for CPG in 2023

Shifts in consumer purchasing behavior require companies selling consumer packaged goods (CPG) to adapt as online shopping becomes prevalent. As many CPG companies are accustomed to offline strategies, how do these translate to the online world?

We decided to explore why embracing online strategies for consumer goods is challenging for some brands, and how to overcome this to foster success in online consumer experiences through strong digital imagery. Dive deeper into our findings here, and be sure to download the full report to see all the data: Special report: The state of product visuals for CPG.

Shifting to an online world

Consumers have embraced the conveniences of living in an online world. This reconstructs the habits of shoppers looking to purchase staples from product exposure in a brick-and-mortar environment to increasingly online and mobile environments. Because shoppers are now primarily introduced to new products through digital formats, brands need to be sure they can effectively meet their customers' changing needs.

Stepping outside the box: facing and overcoming challenges

Formulating an online presence for CPG is best done by improving the visual experience – but this is easier said than done. Nearly a third of CPG companies face high costs related to product imagery, and 68% say they exceed their allocated budgets – indicating the complexity and resource intensity of visual creation.

The value of creating personalized experiences

Responding to the demand from consumers for high-quality imagery, including contextual and lifestyle images that can allow shoppers to envision the product being used, contributes to an authentic experience. 69% of consumers say a lifestyle image is more likely to capture their attention when shopping online compared to a plain white background. These high-quality images let shoppers see products from all contexts and angles to make informed decisions.

The adoption of CGI for product visuals creates the opportunity for consumers to enjoy their shopping experience in a way that resonates with their lifestyles and interests. Compelling imagery generated using 3D modeling technology provides a solution for brands looking to reduce costs while retaining high-quality experiences.

The next step for brands

Moving forward, brands should look to technology that helps them create powerful imagery without the use of photography. Within the CPG space, 62% of companies report the current use of CGI image creation technology to create low-cost, high-quality product imagery. This number will continue to rise as the adoption of CGI steadily increases with technological growth and greater awareness of its positive impact on performance. By implementing strategies that take products from offline to online, brands hold the power to give more immersive experiences.

The results speak for themselves, leading 78% of CPG executives to express a positive perception of CGI image creation. Using this technology, it is possible to create personalized visual experiences that are less expensive and faster than traditional photography.

Read the full report to uncover all the data and see how CGI-generated product imagery is helping CPG companies reach customers.

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Special report: Adapting product visuals for CPG in 2023

June 26, 2023

Q2 2023

Dynamic Display

With Dynamic Display, shoppers easily mix and match multiple products in real-time — and shop directly from the experience. Retailers can seamlessly embed this on their websites and apps, showcasing these shoppable showrooms wherever they do business online.

Search and tag visuals

Users can now search visuals on the platform! Instead of scrolling through visuals or looking up product or template details, users can easily find visuals using keywords and filters. Filters include visual type, products, organizations, creators, status, and creation date. And now, with the ability to tag visuals, users can also search by tag. 

Advanced template search takes this a step further. When users begin creating a visual by selecting a product, in addition to seeing all compatible templates, they can now search for specific templates using a variety of filters, including categories, ratios, tags, and more.

Enhanced scene creation

Our redesigned scene editor offers a more immersive editing canvas while providing a simpler, easy-to-learn, and more intuitive UI. Users can swap products, repaint walls — and ultimately create scenes — faster than ever.

Vastly improved swap diversity

We've rebuilt how product swaps work to allow users to browse and swap any product with the accurate geometry. Gone are the limitations of a single or select group of product categories, enabling users to leverage their creativity by quickly transforming a bedroom into a home office or a garage into a home gym.

Preview Visuals Within Email Notifications

Each email notifying you about a new packshot, 360, or lifestyle will include a beautiful preview image helping you maintain context and make more informed decisions.

Control Your 360° spins

Customize your 360° spins by editing the duration, manipulating the zoom, or changing the camera angle to your exact specifications.


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