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nfinite for Consumer Goods

Showcase consumer goods in countless variations with limitless visual creation.

pgc visual inspiration

Simplify content production and asset management for consumer goods.

Virtualize your entire visual creation pipeline for higher quality, efficiency, and performance.

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The Proof’s in the Data

of online shoppers want more images on e-commerce websites. (Big Commerce)
of companies do not interact with customers in a personalized way. (Salesforce)
of French customers think digital flyers and catalogs are helpful for purchases.
of customers say that promotional videos have convinced them to purchase a product or service.

Make content creation more efficient for marketers and brand managers.

Stop letting process inefficiencies get in the way of performance goals. Our comprehensive visual content creation solution automates (and simplifies!) product photography for marketers and brand managers.

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Save time and money with virtual content production.

Going digital has its benefits. You don't need a whole logistics schematic, loss of staff time, or exorbitant investments to create great visuals. nfinite uses 3D technology to virtualize product photography—bringing images to life while saving time, money, and resources.

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Drive measurable business growth with nfinite’s content creation capabilities.

Exotic photoshoots take time and money to plan, and that’s before post-production. What’s more, it all needs to be redone in a year’s time. Automate visual content creation … and do something else with those resources.

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