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nfinite for Home & Living

Near-instant product visuals for furniture and other life accessories. Power customer engagement with inspirational, custom product photography, using 3D models of your own products!

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Optimize content production for your home & living brand.

Photoshoots are costly, slow, and inefficient. Automate your entire visual content creation process with innovative 3D solutions to increase ROI.

Enhance business performance: more revenues generated from imagery, more engagement with an immersive customer journey, and a richer visual experience to increase up- and cross-selling.

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The Proof’s in the Data

of U.S. retailers find the creative visual production process time-consuming. (Smartly)
of sales in the home & living market will be online within 20 years. (Forbes)
of consumers believe that customer experience is more important than product cost. (Gartner)
of buyers say product images are the most influential factor in purchasing decisions. (The Digital Shopper)

Simplify brand communications for marketing.

Traditional product photography and post-production are time-consuming and expensive. nfinite provides virtual, multi-channel visual creation that marketers and brand managers can use themselves and adapt to teams and markets.

This means fewer losses in time and resources—and no more unnecessary travel.


Design the visuals you really need—and endless custom experiences—with your own virtual photography studio.

Product photography shouldn’t be dull and lifeless. nfinite’s visual merchandising technology gives every customer a unique shopping experience—one that helps them imagine their lives with your products in them.


Experience the nfinite possibilities that asset virtualization has to offer.

Explore new growth and unlock business opportunities with nfinite. Unleash your content creation capacity and enhance customer experiences with a platform that takes the strain out of visual merchandising creation.

We’ll transform your product images into 3D assets—infinitely reusable and updatable.

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