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Boost ecommerce conversion rate through lifestyle product images

The holy grail for e-commerce is to find the best set of factors to boost conversion rate. We all know that of the many elements that can influence the conversion rate (price, shipping costs and time, testimonials, etc.), visual merchandising is playing a dominant role.

According to a survey by Field Agent, an eye-popping 83% of shoppers consider the product image to be the most crucial trigger in their buying decision.

White vs. lifestyle backgrounds

Though many online marketplaces require merchants to upload only white background product images for standardization, brands do not have to follow this rule when managing their own e-commerce website or social media. We know that customers are looking for a shopping experience, not just products sold on a digital platform. And a product on a plain background just doesn’t do it.

Creating lifestyle images can show what the product would look like in real life settings. And they bring an element of aspirational living to your products. These aspirations connect with the emotions and can influence purchasing decisions.

Tips to boost the conversion rate of lifestyle product images

nfinite, lifestyle creation tool to play with colors of visuals

With nfinite’s digital merchandising tool, content managers can create an unlimited number of lifestyle product images with essentially the same budget, but at a fraction of the time compared to traditional photo-shooting.

With this agility and efficiency, marketers can go very granular with their staging options and uncover key insights that were previously unattainable. Here are some tips marketers can test to boost their conversion rate:  

1. Play with colors

It is best not to exceed three dominant colors in the same scenery. If the hero product has a light hue, then use a background with darker shades, and the other way around for products with darker colors.  

2. Speak to your target audience
Lifestyle template selection to customize for audience

The background should reflect the reality of your target audience. A mid-range price toothpaste should be placed in a bathroom that can be found in most homes and not in a bathroom with golden faucets and a marble floor.

3. Add aspiration to the story  

The background should be coherent with the main theme of the product.

Lifestyle image  of living room to add story with products

For example, when displaying a sea-side vacation home furniture, it is best to use complementary products that are made of natural materials such as wood and fabric, and not metal and leather.  

4. Understand the demography of your shoppers

E-commerce visual merchandising will depend on the preferences of the shoppers depending on culture and geography.

beauty demography for french campaign

In Asia, for example, the scenery can be very rich with many different products while in parts of Europe, a minimalist scenery is preferable.  

5. Find the best angle
packshot product view 360

Product image with the right angle can accentuate its features. The buyer’s viewpoint, the openness of the scene will have an impact on the perception of the consumer.

In the case of a sofa, it is best to show a three-quarter view of it to highlight the two faces of the product, where you can clearly see the cushion, armrest and back.

6. Show the product in multiple backgrounds
a product in multiple background lifestyle

Displaying the product in multiple backgrounds and decors can help reach different audiences and also provide aspiration.

nfinite’s solution is designed to enhance the performance of visual merchandizing. It can create an unlimited number of product visuals for merchants to conduct extensive A/B testing. By following the tips provide above, marketers will find the best combination of visual elements to help boost conversion. Request a Demo.

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Boost ecommerce conversion rate through lifestyle product images

June 26, 2023

Q2 2023

Dynamic Display

With Dynamic Display, shoppers easily mix and match multiple products in real-time — and shop directly from the experience. Retailers can seamlessly embed this on their websites and apps, showcasing these shoppable showrooms wherever they do business online.

Search and tag visuals

Users can now search visuals on the platform! Instead of scrolling through visuals or looking up product or template details, users can easily find visuals using keywords and filters. Filters include visual type, products, organizations, creators, status, and creation date. And now, with the ability to tag visuals, users can also search by tag. 

Advanced template search takes this a step further. When users begin creating a visual by selecting a product, in addition to seeing all compatible templates, they can now search for specific templates using a variety of filters, including categories, ratios, tags, and more.

Enhanced scene creation

Our redesigned scene editor offers a more immersive editing canvas while providing a simpler, easy-to-learn, and more intuitive UI. Users can swap products, repaint walls — and ultimately create scenes — faster than ever.

Vastly improved swap diversity

We've rebuilt how product swaps work to allow users to browse and swap any product with the accurate geometry. Gone are the limitations of a single or select group of product categories, enabling users to leverage their creativity by quickly transforming a bedroom into a home office or a garage into a home gym.

Preview Visuals Within Email Notifications

Each email notifying you about a new packshot, 360, or lifestyle will include a beautiful preview image helping you maintain context and make more informed decisions.

Control Your 360° spins

Customize your 360° spins by editing the duration, manipulating the zoom, or changing the camera angle to your exact specifications.


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